L' amour Glam are responsible for the overall design and execution of hair styling. L'amour Glam consult with their customers about the kind of hairstyle they would like. Based on this discussion, L'amour Glam attempt to create an attractive style that compliments and, in some cases, transforms, their client appearance.

Dry Cuts

Captivating scissors to dry hair has never been more popular. Certain hair types and styles will improve when trimmed when the hair is completely dry. Anyone with temperamental ringlets or waves knows that where you slice and chop can make a big difference in whether you like the end result. It can be harder to tell where the curls are going to lie when your hair is soaking wet. Cutting while the dry curls are naturally set means that your stylist can pick and choose where to cut so that they lie upon one another perfectly.

Wet hair is more fragile and elastic and can be prone to snapping while it is being combed over and over during a wet cut. You are likely to shed fewer strands during the whole process if you have a dry cut which is important for people with thinning hair or who are concerned about breakage. Because hair is so stretchy when wet, it looks much longer. This is especially true for people with very curly hair. Cutting the hair when it is already dry allows the stylist to trim just the right amount off and reduces the shock factor that can come right after a cut, when it can bounce up way more than anyone expected. What you see is what you get when you cut it dry.

When you dry cut you really get to see the movement of the hair, where most of the weight is and how much really needs to be cut off, making it an ideal choice for fine or thin hair as well. One additional bonus: you can see split ends more clearly when the hair is dry!

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